Sunday, July 30, 2017


The pool is now a gardenIt is  is where Jesus told the blind man to rub the mud on his eyes and he was healed ... Jesus said get up and walk go in sin no more, John 9:1-12


This is where Jesus told the paralitic to get up and walk John 5:1-9


From the top we walked down the the Garden of Gethsemane 


Where Peter denied Jesus 3x
This is the dungeon Jesus was kept in until he was sent to Pilot . We went down in another way, but Jesus was lowered down with a rope.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Bedwings live here and helped people to cross the dessert


FAI'm Dead Sea scroles 
Found 1947 by bedwings boy 

7 scroles found

Sold for $7. 

Book of Isaiah ... sold in NY
Over 2000 yr old

Excavation 1952-1994

They found 1000 more

1)many of them...copy of Hebrew bible
2) Hebrew language 
3 Esseens
John the Baptist 
Hid them to go fight in Jerusalem 

Taught repentance b4 baptism


Oasis where David escaped Saul and cut his robe

African Rift

6000 ft from Israel to Africa 


      King Herod palace for vacations...built synagog for the Jewish guest



UShepherds field this is the place they are sure that shepherds kept their sheep outside Bethlehem .  They would have stayed up in the caves too.

These steps Jesus walked to get to the garden of Gesemeni and to carry his cross

Friday, July 28, 2017


Abraham passed through here when he told the king Sarah was his sister!


Mt Moriah is the mountain the temple was built on . King Herod built the Temple Mount by raising the walls and filling it in . 

God is present with us...Jesus is a type temple...last temple is the New Jerusalem 
Praying at the inside wailing wall that is closest to the holy of Hokies!!  Takes three months to get in 


Roman toilets
Amazing history here!...first built by the Caanonites then King Solomon then King Ahab

Rock walls are 4000 something
years old!!!

Ahab built the tunnel from the old water source into the city ... we walked through it ... all hand chiseled !!!